We don't post about client's projects unless they consent, so here are a few projects by Blake Hodgson.

Lawn Da Vinci


Since 1989, when Blake saw "Honey I shrunk the kids", he has wanted to make a remote controlled lawn mower. Mowing the lawn is a bane of Blake's existence and he wanted a way to turn something painful into something that was much more enjoyable.  Check out our blog for  a video and more information on how to make your own.  Featured on MakeHackaday, OshapeArduino blogAdafruit, Geeky Gadgets, ArduinoMania, Hackster.io , Embeds and some Spanish and Danish blogs.

Riki and Lucy treat machine

Blake has two Chihuahuas named Riki and Lucy.  Because Blake is often busy inventing things, they might get hungry when Blake is busy with a project.  With this, all Blake has to do is put "feed dogs" on his google calendar when he wants them to be fed, and it will feed them.   You can also email the dogs and it will ring a bell, give a treat, take a picture of them eating the treat and it will send you a thank you message with a picture of them eating the treat.


Blake likes to garden but doesn't always have time to water.  Niwa, which means garden in Japanese, takes care of his herbs and automatically waters them when dry. Featured in Hackaday:  

Niwa Soto

Blake has a good sized outdoor garden as well and this little device allows him to monitor rain, soil moisture, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and light levels through his mobile device.  When the soil is dry, he pushes a button on his phone to water it.

RFID desk lock

This keeps curious little hands from messing with Blake's stuff. Won parenting hack challenge on Lifehacker



Blake's wife forgets to close the garage.  GarageBot knows which cars are home and if the garage is left open and no cars are there, it shuts the garage and sends a text message filled with expletives to the wife.

Raspberry pi retro gaming computer

This may look like a laptop but it isn't.  It is a keyboard and screen doc for an atrix mobile phone that was converted to a Raspberry pi gaming computer.

Smart Vents

There is about a 15 degree difference between the master and children's bedrooms in Blake's house.  The monitors keep track of the temperature and humidity and open/ close vents to make his home's heat more uniform and effecient.

Optimus Arm

Sometimes Blake is just saving the world one lost transformer arm at a time.  At least 5 of Blake's son's transformers have 3d printed replacement parts.  If his son loses the part again, Blake will just print another.

Remote controlled blinds

Blake spends a lot of time making things in his basement so he is one pale cracker.  These open the blinds to automatically to let a little light in.   

Connected safe

This safe can be opened and monitored from anywhere in the world.

Trial Robot for Lawn Da Vinci

Before making the more dangerous version with a spinning blade of death, this trial robot was made to test the code and handling of the Lawn Da Vinci.

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