The Bored Traveler's Suitcase- a remote controlled, rideable carry-on bag with retro gaming and media console built in.

As someone who has had their fair share of business travel, I know first hand that traveling can suck.  When travel sucks or something happens while traveling that is out of your control, you can be part of the problem or part of the solution.  If you are properly prepared, you won't be stressed out and might make a new friends along the way.

In my mind, there are 3 things that suck about travel:

  1. Having to run in an airport carrying a heavy bag.
  2. Finding somewhere to charge your electronic devices.
  3. Being stuck in an airport with nothing to do. 

I think this bag will solve all those problems.  No more schlepping a bag around.  This suitcase is remote controlled by bluetooth snes controllers.  Don't feel like walking?  Hop on.  I'm hoping to get at least 10mph to get me to my next gate in record time without breaking a sweat.  Flights are inevitably going to be late so there will be a retro gaming and media console built into the side for hours of entertainment.  The console will be removable for my buddies who work for the TSA and for playing table-top.  There will also be at least 4 usb charging ports.

I'll be posting the build process and I am thinking of making a kit that people can easily make their own.  If you have any interest in the how to, a kit or just have a suggestion for a feature, please let me know at